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Camera Club Talks and Lectures in Kent

Camera Club Talks

All our talks have been created by request of different clubs, they vary in their approach as some are purely screen based and others involve live demonstrations. If you would like Darren to talk about a particular subject that is not listed then please get in contact and we will try to tailor a talk to your needs.

All our talks are priced at £60.00 within a 40 mile radius of Maidstone, outside this will be 45p per additional mile return for travel and may need expenses for meal & hotel if necessary. If a model is needed for the talk you can supply your own or one can be arranged for a surplus.

My Journey

This is an inspirational talk to help encourage members to reach the goals they wish to achieve. Darren shares with the club 3 RPS distinction panels, one of which did not pass.

Giving an insight into how he got into photography and his experiences Darren discusses his experiences in creating the panels and how the RPS and his network has helped him to achieve what a lot of amateurs wish to reach, to become a full time professional photographer.

The panel discussion and the showing of some of his hopefuls for the Fellowship take over the first half of the evening, with an extended tea break allowing the members to take a closer look at the work. In the second half Darren will show a selection of DPI’s on his most recent work, explaining the thinking behind each image and taking questions.

To get a feel of the type of imagery which will be shown please take a look at www.darrenwoolway.co.uk

Artifical & Mixed Lighting

In Studio and On Location

This talk teaches members the different types of lighting and modifiers available and how to use them. Examples of lighting diagrams for the studio and on location are shown with pictures of each set up to show the effects.

Mixing ambient light and strobe light is a great and effective skill, an explanation is given on how to do this and how to meter for it.

If you wish a model can be used to show live some basic lighting techniques, the camera can be connected to a computer and a projector so that you can see the results live.

In the second part of the talk you will be given a walk through of Darren’s post processing techniques and workflow he uses for portrait images.

The presentation is a mix of Power Point and live shooting.

Carnival, Notting Hill

The Commercial Process

1st Half
Each year we photograph for Bacchanalia Masband at Notting Hill Carnival. Creating the advertising and event imagery we play a major part in their production. This talk aims to walk members through the process of how we found this contract, the conceptual ideas and the image brief to photographing to a template, post production, the event days and how the images are used after the event.

It is an interesting talk looking at the culture of carnival and includes a short video we made with Baccmass to try and explain what it is all about.

Sections include:

– Video explaining what a masband is.
– Where the contract came from.
– The initial brief and delivery of a concept.
– Planning and shooting the brief to a template.
– Delivery of the advertising images, expected formats.
– Event Photography Day 1.
– Event Photography Day 2.
– How the event images are used.
– Delivery of the event images.

2nd Half
In the second half Darren will show a selection of his recent work, most of which is automotive based, he will explain his thoughts and processes behind each image and will be taking any questions.


How to Create Realistic Composites

Compositing well is an important part of commercial or artistic photography, compositing badly can look terrible and obvious and therefore it is important to get this correct so that your image does not look like a composite.

There are quite a few rules on how to create a realistic looking composite, and this starts in camera. Looking at aspects such as lens choice, tripod heights, focal distance, angles and lighting this talk is a real eye opener.

The first half is a little shorter and is mainly Power Point and discussion, the second half is a demonstration of the techniques used in Photoshop and a few Plugins that make your life much easier.


How to create floating people easily

This is something that everyone in the club should be able to do after seeing this talk, there is no need for fancy lighting as all can be done with ambient light.

The evening is split into two halves, the first half is a live shoot. A model will pose for 2 pictures which we will later edit into our floating person shot in Photoshop. We will light the model using artificial lighting as of an evening there is generally no ambient light present in the club halls. This will give an opportunity to see how some of the lighting equipment can be used. Images will be sent directly to the computer and then projected onto the screen so members can see immediate results.

A free step by step guide is available for download by all members.

Booked Dates

21st August 2017 – Talk on Compositing at Bexleyheath – COMPLETE
18th September 2017 – Judging Prints at Parkwood – COMPLETE
25th September 2017 – Talk on Compositing at Whitstable Photographic Society – COMPLETE
28th September 2017 – Judging at Bromley
11th October 2017 – Talk on Compositing at Greenwood COMPLETE
23rd October 2017 – Judging at Bexleyheath COMPLETE
1st November 2017 – Judging Imagination Trophy at Deal COMPLETE
7th November 2017 – Judging at Malling Mono Open COMPLETE
22nd November 2017 – Judging at Croydon Camera Club PDI 2 COMPLETE
27th November 2017 – Judging at South London Colour Prints CANCELLED
29th November 2017 – Talk on Compositing at Faversham Camera Club CANCELLED
4th December 2017 – Judging Parkwood’s competition on Composites. COMPLETE
11th December 2017 – Judging at Folkestone COMPLETE
24th January 2018 – Judging prints at Greenwood COMPLETE
25th January 2018 – Prints at Reflex Camera Club Rainham COMPLETE
30th January 2018 – Judging at Malling PDI’s COMPLETE
6th February 2018 – Judging panels at Herne Bay COMPLETE
27th February 2018 – Judging at West Wickham
1st March 2018 – Talk on Compositing at Bromley
13th March 2018 – Judging Colour Prints at Orpington
14th March 2018 – Judging Transport at Sittingbourne
22nd March 2018 – Judging Landscapes at St Mary’s Bay
29th March 2018 – Judging Leigh V Southend on Sea
11th April 2018 – Larter Cup at Bromley vs West Wickham
12th April 2018 – Judging Open at Gateway Dover
25th April 2018 – Talk on Artificial and Mixed Lighting at Canterbury
10th May 2018 – Talk on Compositing at Reflex Photographic Club Rainham
16th May 2018 – Judging Portraits at Deal
17th September 2018 – Judging Abstracts at Gravesend
24th September 2018 – Ghost talk at Whitstable
5th October 2018 – Talk tbc at Selsdon (Andrew Gunn)
15th October 2018 – Judging Prints at IOT
29th October 2018 – Judging Mono at SLPS
1st November 2018 – Talk on Compositing at Gateway Dover
6th November 2018 – Talk on My Journey at Orpington (Barrie Duffield)
10th December 2018 – Judging PDI’s at Medway DSLR Club – The Walnut Tree
7th January 2019 – Talk on Notting Hill at Gravesend
9th January 2019 – Talk on Compositing at Deal
12th February 2019 – Judging Manipulated Image at Malling PS
13th February 2019 – Judging Prints at Canterbury
26th February 2019 – Judging Mono Prints at Orpington (Barrie Duffield)
21st May 2019 – Lecture on Ghosts at Herne Bay
8th April 2019 – Lecture on Notting Hill Carnival at IOT

Camera Club Talks and Lectures in Kent