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How many delegates are there on each course?

This is dependant on which course you are attending, the minimum and maximum student numbers are written in the course description on the course or holidays page.

What equipment should I bring?

It is recommended that you have a Basic SLR Camera with Kit Lens (usually 18-55mm) and a Tripod. Bridge cameras are acceptable but you may struggle to get certain results due to the restriction of your lens and sensor. Compact cameras are not recommended. Course specific equipment will be detailed in the agenda of each course which will be emailed to you once you have booked.

Who will we be photographing?

On our portrait course we only use agency models who can pose and show expressions well without direction. Dependant on the ratio of male to female students on the course the sex of the model will change unless it is a course where 2 or more models are involved.

Are model/property releases in place?

The images you take on the courses you can use for your portfolio without need for a written release from us or the models. If you wish to sell the images you have taken you must speak to us first as royalties must be paid. For shots of recognisable buildings in the landscape you must seek a property release from the relevant property before you may sell the images.

How are courses taught?

Basic courses are taught with a mix of experiments, group discussions and powerpoint. Landscape courses are all taught on location. Longer courses which encorporate editing will be taught part in the classroom and part on location. Studio courses will be taught in the studio. All courses are taught with a relaxed atmosphere and a bit of dry humour. Photography is about fun so that is how we run our courses.

Where should I park?

Please see individual course pages for parking information as we use various venues.

Where can I redeem my voucher?

Please visit this page REDEMPTION PAGE to redeem your voucher.

Where can I stay overnight?

It depends what course you are on, please email us with your enquiry as we have certain hotels that we can give you a good deal on.

Where can I find the course notes and recommendations page you mentioned?

All documentation and recommendations can be found here. This includes links to local camera clubs, useful accessories, software and books, Flickr Group and downloadable course notes.

I wish to change my course date, how can I do this and what are the terms and conditions?

All Terms and Conditions can be found here.

My son/daughter is under 16, can they attend alone?

Generally we do not advise that minors come along unattended by a parent/guardian and although we appreciate they may be mature this is not the issue. Our staff members are CRB cleared but the other students are adults and we cannot account for them. If you are happy for them to attend alone we will need a letter of consent stating this.